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Everyone is entitled to fun, informative, and creative spaces in which to explore the complexity of one's erotic and sensual passions. Nomia is dedicated to enhancing people's lives with the belief that as we gain greater freedom and pleasure in our intimate encounters, we will be able to generate a greater capacity for generosity and open communication in both our private and public lives.

We serve everyone in a non-judgemental atmosphere, open to a diverse range of questions, issues, and needs and demonstrate our commitment to promoting sexual wellness through:

  • Serving customers based on their individual needs and interests.
  • Vigilant research on the best products the adult industry has to offer.
  • Offering educational workshops and events, from playful sex ed for grown ups to more therepeutic courses offered in partnersip with area professionals.
  • Supporting local organizations committed to enhancing sexual freedom and ending all forms of sexual violence