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Booking an event with us gives you and your guests an adventurous night with one of our educators, the best toys in northern New England, unbeatable prices, and the ongoing customer service of our retail store in Portland's Old Port.
We are passionate about pleasure and inspiring everyone's inner sexpert!

Inspire yourself, your friends and sweeties by hosting one of our Pleasure Parties!

Sex Toys 101
Ever been to a toy shop, saw something but were too nervous to ask "what the hell would I do with THAT?" Or are you an old pro looking for the new hot addition to your collection? For shy and bold alike, create a fun and informative evening with our most popular party! Our educators will give you and your friends the skinny on everything from the anatomy of pleasure and techniques, sensuous starters and lubes, to how to use and care for everything from the classic bullet to hi tech gizmos, top shelf dildos, butt toys, toys for boys, and even more adventurous accessories! (We even bring porn on request!)

Bliss for Babes: The Art of the Female Orgasm
Viva La Vulva!...And then some! For all who love women and women who love themselves, this party explores female physiology of pleasure, and features toys for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, and back door delights. The role of fantasy, vulva massage, the G-Spot and female ejaculation, and anal pleasures are all covered!

Improve Your Sex GPA!
Exploring the G-Spot, P-Spot and Anal Sex Basics
We developed this party/workshop based upon the most common sets of questions we get every day in the shop. Is there really such a thing as a G-Spot and how do I find it? But it feels like I gotta pee! (Don't worry, pumpkin....that'll change!) What is the P-Spot and what's the big deal anyway? What is the difference between beads and a plug? How do I strap one on and go for my partner's tushy?

While each topic deserves its own class, here we break it down to the essential points you will need to start off down the road of new sensual adventures! You will learn the anatomy lesson you didn't get in health class, plus the best toys, lubes, techniques and positions, and tips on how to incorprate these activities in your repetoire!

Yep! We can bring the store to you!
To schedule a party, simply stop in or give us a call at 207-773-4774. We can reserve your evening with a credit card, your name and phone number. The reservation fee is 50.00 and will not be charged until the end of the party, and we will WAIVE the fee entirely if sales exceed 500.00.
Or, Have a Party AT Nomia!
Don't feel like cooking and cleaning? Need a fun night out? Better yet, wanna be where ALL the toys are?? Bring food and beverages and reserve our space and service for $30.00 PLUS every guest receives a coupon for 10% off a future purchase!